January 18 , 2008

Scientists around the world warn against CO2 mitigation measures by dispersing iron into the ocean

Category: Technology , Ecosystem , Science , Economy

(From University of East Anglia)

A letter paper was published in the US journal Science on January 11th warning that ``it is too early to put into practice ocean iron fertilization (OIF), a measure to suppress carbon dioxide (CO2) by dispersing iron into the ocean.'' OIF is a control measure that utilizes the fact that plankton absorbs CO2 in seawater. Iron is dispersed into the ocean to promote plankton proliferation, and CO2 released into the atmosphere is injected into the ocean and absorbed through the plankton into the ocean. The idea is to sequester carbon on the ocean floor.

The 15 oceanographers from seven countries around the world (the United States, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, India, Germany, and Japan) who wrote the letter paper believe that OIF is an effective CO2 control measure, They call for large-scale experiments to assess the efficiency of sequestration and consider measures to address potential ecological impacts.

There is already a movement in the private sector to commercialize OIF for the sale of carbon credits, but oceanographers say that ``it is possible to effectively absorb CO2, sequester carbon for a quantifiable period of time, and that it has no impact on the environment.'' It is premature to put OIF into practice unless it can be demonstrated to be predictable and acceptable."

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